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15 Ways to Kick Burnout in the Butt

  1. Reevaluate your priorities

Take a daily break from technology. Nourish your creative side.

  1. Identify your stressors and admit that you are struggling

If 50% of people in the workplace struggle with anxiety and burnout then you are not alone. Tell your boss, tell your partner, tell your friend, tell me. Tell anyone!

  1. Create a habit of journaling

Journaling has proven to be an excellent emotional decompressor. Creating the habit might take some time, but the results will naturally teach you how to recover from mental exhaustion.

  1. Build a support network

Don’t be afraid to lean on others for support, whether those relationships are personal or professional. Talk to people you trust. Involving a trusted loved one can help you feel supported and less alone. Friends, family members, and partners can help you brainstorm possible solutions.

  1. Get enough exercise

Moving your body will release the tension it holds while producing feel-good hormones like endorphins.

  1. Create a work-life balance

One of the many causes of burnout is an imbalanced relationship with work. Cultivating a work-life balance will help you lead a much more functional and stress-free life.

  1. Do things that you enjoy...With your phone on "Do not disturb"

When you are starting to burn out, procrastination ramps up several notches. The more overwhelming everything is, the more you procrastinate about doing it.

  1. Create a healthy sleep schedule

Not getting enough sleep due to stress poses threats to physical strength, mental focus, and emotional stamina. Turn off your alarm clock on weekends.

  1. Set boundaries

Many people struggle to say no when being asked to take on extra work. Learning how to set boundaries at work and in relationships can help reduce the chances of burnout.

  1. Be firm about your needs

Talk to others involved and let them know what’s happening. Explain that you need some support in order to take care of your health and manage your workload productively.

  1. Practice self-compassion

Reaching a point of burnout can bring up feelings of failure and a loss of purpose or life direction. You might feel as if you can’t do anything properly or you’ll never achieve your goals. Grant yourself the same love and support. Remind yourself you don’t have to be perfect, and that it’s ok to need a break.

  1. Take a vacation and fully unplug

If you can, remove yourself from your environment entirely that is causing you stress to renew your energy. If you can’t afford a holiday then take a staycation.

  1. Schedule your relaxation time

Put a block of time in your calendar to do this, and then make yourself do it.

  1. Detach self-worth from achievement

You are not your biggest success. How you feel about yourself should not be based on how many hours you put in at the office or how many times someone praised you.

  1. Reduce caffeine intake

Caffeine is a stimulant. It’s all too tempting to try and push through the tiredness by drinking vats of tea and coffee but this will only make it worse.

Happy coding!

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