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S3 types of storage - Hands on

To check how to add files to different storage classes.

  • Open the bucket we have been working on Alt Text
  • Upload a new file. Alt Text
  • Scroll down and open properties. It will show you all the different storage classes in S3. Alt TextAlt Text
  • Let us update the file in one zone IA. Alt Text

We have uploaded the S3 object in a different storage class.

If you don't want to do this manually S3 also has an option of changing all this automatically.

  • To do this open management tab in S3 bucket. Click on create lifecycle rule. Alt Text Alt Text
  • Give a rule name. Select to which objects you want to apply this rule via prefix or you can select the entire bucket. I'll select the entire bucket Alt TextAlt Text
  • Then we will have different lifecycle rule options. Like transitioning the current object into infrequent access after 30 days. And after 60 days added to glacier. Alt Text
  • S3 will show you a time line summary. Alt Text
  • Click on create rule. Alt Text This way we can automate our object transitions into various tiers.

With this we have completed our S3 series. Next I will work on databases.

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