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Creating Clone with Angular

Ajit Singh
Angular Collborator | Frontend Developer | Currently learning AWS
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I'm starting a new series in which we will create a clone in angular. I will release some work every Thursday. I'm busy on all other days. I will use

  1. Component store for state management
  2. Rx-angular template for RxLet and push pipe

Rest we will add stuff as needed and think about it in various scenario's as we go. I'll add stuff to github repo on Thursday and drop an article on what we did on Friday. Follow along if you want to learn more about Angular.

Github Repo -

Deployed on Firebase -

Right now we have created the header component and next we will create the side bar.

Each commit message will tell what we have done in that commit. Follow alone if you want to learn angular and let me know if any enhancements you think are needed create an issue on the repo if you want we can discuss there.

Discussion (4)

fyodorio profile image

Currently has some issues. I hope this Angular version will help to fix them 😉 Especially in terms of responsiveness on mobile resolutions. Good luck with this project, I really like the idea and the way you approach it 👍

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Ajit Singh Author

Yeah hope this goes well

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Christian Groleau

Looking forward to watching your progress!

ajitsinghkaler profile image
Ajit Singh Author