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Show dev: I built a collection of open-source drawer components for Tailwind CSS

Hey dev community 👋

Together with my friends from the Flowbite community, we are shipping a brand new Drawer component that lets you show or hide an off-canvas element relative to the document page based on multiple placements: top, right, bottom, and left.

Here's a preview of the default drawer component:

Tailwind CSS Drawer - Flowbite

The component works with clean Tailwind CSS classes and you only need to include the JS script to make it work with data attributes and the Drawer API (programmatically via JS).

We also built some examples such as:

  • default drawer (title, description, and CTA buttons)
  • contact form
  • form elements including date picker
  • navigation menu/sidebar

All of the components have dark mode included and are responsive and can be quite easily customized by adding any type of elements inside of it and you can also change the height and width of the drawer.

Another feature that we built is the swipeable edge component which lets you offset the drawer with a given height so that you can show a small part of it when inactive.

Brought to you with big ❤️ by the Flowbite community.


Here's the full list of drawer components as a preview:

Drawer navigation (sidebar)

Use this example to show a navigational sidebar inside the drawer component.

Tailwind CSS Drawer Navigation - Flowbite

👉 Get source code.

Drawer contact form

Use this example to show a contact form inside the drawer component.

Tailwind CSS Drawer Contact Form - Flowbite

👉 Get source code.

Drawer form elements

Use this example if you want to add form elements inside the drawer component including datepickers.

Tailwind CSS Drawer Form Elements - Flowbite

Drawer placement

Use the placement options to position the drawer component either on the top, right, bottom, or left side of the document page. This can be done using the data-drawer-placement="{top|right|bottom|left}" data attribute where the default value is “left”.

👉 Learn more about drawer placement.

Swipeable edge

The drawer edge functionality allows you to show a small part of the drawer when it is not shown completely by applying the data-drawer-edge="{true|false}" data attribute.

In this example we also use the data-drawer-toggle="id" option to toggle the visibility of the drawer component by clicking on the “edge” part of the element.

Use the data-drawer-edge-offset="bottom-[*px]" data attribute where you can apply a class from Tailwind CSS to set the offset. Default value is bottom-[60px].

Tailwind CSS swipeable edge drawer - Flowbite

👉 Learn more about swipeable edge drawer.

Dark mode

All of these drawer components have dark mode support if enabled via Tailwind CSS.

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