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Payment form components coded with Tailwind CSS and Flowbite

E-commerce is a growing part of the modern web and we as developers and designers need to find solutions and the best UI resources to build these kind of pages and components.

The payment form is a complex and crucial part of the checkout process where you need to ensure a smooth experience for the user and also offer as many payment options as possible.

We've coded a collection of components using Tailwind CSS and the UI library from Flowbite that allows you to directly copy-paste these sections and components into your project and choose which section matches best with your project.

The examples include input fields for credit cards, crypto payments, direct wire transfers, and a lot more leveraging Tailwind CSS and Flowbite.

Let's check them out!

Default payment form

Use this component to make a purchase using a credit card by show input fields like the card number, full name, card expiration using a datepicker and the security code.

Tailwind CSS Payment Form

Payment form with stepper

Use this example to show the last step from the checkout process by indicating a stepper timeline and also show a list of alternative payment methods using buttons.

Tailwind CSS Payment Form with Stepper

Payment form with options

Use this example of a payment form to select a previously used credit card and show a sidebar with an order summary and commercial information.

Tailwind CSS Payment Form with options

Payment form with tabs

Use this component to show multiple payment methods with tabs including credit card, monthly fees, crypto and PayPal transfers.

Tailwind CSS Payment Form with tabs

Payment form with wire transfer

Use this example to send a wire transfer by completing payment data such as the IBAN address, payment amount, bank address and more using input fields.

Tailwind CSS payment form with wire transfers

Payment form with copy to clipboard inputs

Use this example to copy the value of predefined input fields where you can get the beneficiary name, address, currency, amount, and account number.

Tailwind CSS Payment with clipboard inputs

Payment form with drawer

Use this component to show all the payment methods and actions for an e-commerce website inside of a drawer component that can be shown or hidden based on the click of a button.

Tailwind CSS Payment form with drawer

Payment form with modal

This example can be used to select a payment method or add the credit card details using input fields inside of a modal component.

Tailwind CSS Payment form with modal


Big thanks to all of the following open-source frameworks and libraries that were used to build these components:

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