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Joseph Mania
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Which Programming Language is the best to learn?

There is no perfect answer to this question. Every language has its setbacks and drawbacks. The thing is to understand the basics of one single language, and it will be better if you want to shift to another.

There is no better language. Even if you want to be an ethical hacker, you can’t say there is a specific language to write malware. Viruses are written in different languages, either java, coble, Go. A good engineer will use any means to make things happen.

We can draw the answer as per what you want to specialize in. If you want to be a freelancer, then you need to be equipped well. But if you yearn to work in large tech companies, just specialize in one area. There is a big difference between a large company employee and another individual working for a startup. Let’s break down.

Whenever you want to join big tech companies like Google, Amazon, Facebook, you will have a technical interview with an expert. During a technical question, you will be asked to choose a language you are good at. Even when you make it to join the company they will offer you a chance to choose a team. If you are good at Java, then you will join the java team. Many teams work with different languages, implementing different software.

When it comes to freelancing, it’s a different case. You need to equip yourself with more tools. Let’s say you are a web developer. Most likely, clients will demand that you build and deploy their website. Thus, you need to be both a front-end and backend developer. But this doesn’t mean you learn all the languages, we have MERN- a complete full-stack JavaScript developer for the web. Also, you might learn python, then shift Django which is a full-stack python framework for websites. Just choose a single language, then dig deeper.

What about startups? Yeah, these are the first places where you can secure a job. But most of them are into web and mobile app development. Again, you need to know more, not just coding but working across from development to production. Remember, startups will have less than 100 people, which means you will do more than expected.

The whole story comes back to the best language. If we talk about what you want to specialize in, then it matters. If you like data science, AI, machine learning, then python is the best option. For those in mobile development, java and Kotlin might interest you. For those in web development, JavaScript is the master, but python can also perform the job perfectly.

Before learning a language, have a general understanding of some concepts. Just be familiar with what you want to do, then look for a language that is popular in that area. Every language can build something cool. It’s surprising when we see JavaScript joining python in machine learning. This is an achievement for the JavaScript community. Don’t jump from one language to another.

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