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Why do Programmers quit on the way

Yes, programming is difficult, whether you like it or not, you will feel low at some point. But this is not meant to discourage you, but during any journey, there are obstacles. Just like a normal quote, ‘Life is hard’, relate that to coding. Writing a completely functioning software and deploying it is something that requires strong techniques.

1.Imposter syndrome

For real, this has been a long-term problem for everyone. Of course, programmers experience this disease. These are moments when you feel discouraged by objects like failure to implement something. Or when you feel like others are ahead of you. Yeah, it might look like a minor problem, but it makes many people quit the software development journey.

  1. Market Demand for new skills

If you are in this field, kindly be ready to learn even if you are an experienced engineer. But the best thing is that once you know the basics of one language like java, it will be easier to learn c++. The tech market demands that you be updated with trending technologies. Companies don't employ new skills, therefore you need to keep up. If you can't then you must accept the reality that programming is not our thing.

  1. Lack of a Mentor

It might look like a joke, but know that having a mentor who you look up to and yearn to become like that person is awesome. A mentor will guide you on the steps to follow. Mentors have a mandate to update you on trending skills because they have been in the field for much longer. But when you just code without anyone guiding you, it's high time that people will give up when working alone.

  1. Commitment time

Just like marriage, for you to be a good engineer, you need to spend maximum hours learning various concepts, the average minimum time for a good software developer is 1000. There is no shortcut. But remember, most of the stuff you will learn while on a job.

  1. Computer science course over 6-month Bootcamp

Yes, both of these people will have skills in writing code. But most graduates will take other paths because they feel the self-taught programmers have taken their roles. Also, the Bootcamp people at some times feel less appreciated over the people with CS degrees. But what I believe in is hard work and consistency. Yes, the CS degree person has much knowledge compared to Bootcamp person. But that should not discourage you. Everyone has a share in this cake.

  1. Difficult algorithm interviews

For real, interviews mainly from big companies are difficult. Trust me, even some data structures and algorithms from some interviewees are out of topic. These people want a person who can think out of the box and come up with an idea. For your information, the tasks you will be doing are much easier than those of interviews. Just prepare well. Don’t give up on one rejection.
Work! Work! Nice programming journey.

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