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Day 3: Making a swift macOS password manager for people who hate the cloud

swlkr profile image Sean Walker Originally published at ・2 min read

<- For Day 2 go here

My goal for today is to use the master password to unlock the app and show a blank screen where the list of passwords will be! Let's do it!

After quite a bit of searching around for various things like how to declare classes and then how to declare structs and then how to fill in a tableView and also how to switch the view controller in the window:

I made some tangible progress!

Here's the code for checking the master password and showing a different view controller, the key for me was self.view.window?.contentViewController = viewController

    @IBAction func unlockButtonPressed(_ sender: NSButton) {
        let keychain = KeychainSwift()
        let masterPassword : String? = keychain.get("MasterPassword")

        if masterPassword == masterPasswordTextField.stringValue {
            let storyboard = NSStoryboard(name: NSStoryboard.Name("Main"), bundle: Bundle.main)
            let viewController = storyboard.instantiateController(withIdentifier: "PasswordListViewController") as! NSViewController
            self.view.window?.contentViewController = viewController

I also messed around with the password list view, but I think that's something I'll have to get to tomorrow, I am still working a full time job after all

import Cocoa
import KeychainSwift

struct Login {
    let id: Int64
    let username: String?
    let email: String?
    let key: String

class PasswordListViewController: NSViewController {
    let logins = [Login]()

    override func viewDidLoad() {

    override var representedObject: Any? {
        didSet {


    func numberOfRows(in tableView: NSTableView) -> Int {
        return logins.count

    func tableView(_ tableView: NSTableView, objectValueFor tableColumn: NSTableColumn?, row: Int) -> Any? {
        return logins[row]

Tune in tomorrow for Day 4 and actually adding passwords and showing them in that table view! There's going to be some rough and tumble SQLite action.

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jacobherrington profile image
Jacob Herrington (he/him)

Awesome project idea -- will this be open source when you finish the series?

swlkr profile image
Sean Walker Author

Hey thanks! You bet your sweet cheeks it'll be open source when I finish the series!