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Data Modelling & Apps in Salesforce

NOTE - If you are completely new to CRM & Salesforce, I recommend you check out the previous articles of this Salesforce Admin Series.

I have already talked about Database tables and Salesforce Objects in my previous articles of this series. What I missed was to tell you about the concept of Data Modelling in Salesforce.

Data Modelling

Data Modelling is the term given to the feature of Salesforce where data is structured with the help of database tables, objects, various applications and methods. As we have talked about the first two, in this article I'll talk about Apps in Salesforce.

Apps in Salesforce

If I am to speak in the simplest words, an application is like a container of all the objects, functions, and records in Salesforce. Under one Salesforce App, there are several tabs that serve their own purpose.
Remember that Salesforce is a CRM platform and it provides companies & businesses with pre-defined apps, objects to manage their customer relations.

Let me give you an example -

There is a Sales App pre-configured in salesforce and is ready to use for anyone. When you open the sales app, you'll see a number of tabs. From Accounts, Contacts to Opportunity & Chatter tabs. You'll get everything. All these tabs collectively form a Sales management system.

You can follow along -

  1. Log in to your salesforce org. On the home screen, you'll see a nine-dots button below the salesforce logo. Click on it.
  2. Type Sales in the appearing search box and click on the result Sales. sales app
  3. Look at the image below. This is the sales app of salesforce. You see all sorts of tabs to run a sales system of any business. tabs sales

From managing customers and products to preparing deals and opportunities, Sales app covers it all. Each task has separate task. However, we can bind any two tabs and objects with Salesforce Relationships (already talked about in previous article).

Types of Apps in Salesforce

There are two types of apps in SFDC -
1. Standard apps - Standard apps are pre-defined & pre-configured in a salesforce org. It includes App Launcher, Sales, Marketing, nd every available app. However, you can customize these according to your requirements.
2. Custom apps - The apps are built separately from scratch to meet certain requirements are the custom apps. You can define your own set of tabs, logo, and features in a custom app.

There is one more term used for apps in salesforce -
Console Apps - Salesforce gives you the functionality to design and develop custom UI experiences. Mostly configured for fast-paced managements and service consoles.
These apps are called Console Apps in Salesforce.

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