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What is CRM? Salesforce in Particular!

We all communicate with each other via social media applications, don't we? We use all kinds of applications like WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

However, in the same way, businesses have a need to communicate with each other too, say, Business to business, business to customer, so on and so forth. Along with communication, businesses need to maintain records, logs, and all sorts of information.
But for such professional and large scale operations, social media apps can't be used. Here, CRMs come into the picture.
CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. As the name suggests itself, a CRM helps companies manage all the incoming and outgoing communications, maintain records, etc. These records can be from company to company or from company to customer.

CRM as a Technology

A CRM as a software, strategy, process, and communication tool helps companies build long-lasting relations between other companies and their customers. A CRM software or tool saves so much of a company's trouble by providing a dedicated platform to manage and maintain everything from records to every stage of business and customer prospects.

CRMs are generally cloud based and provide solutions to multiple companies at the same time (Multi-tenant architecture). There are multiple CRM platforms namely Salesforce, Zoho, SAP, Oracle, Pega, etc. But I'll be talking about Salesforce sales cloud.

Salesforce: Most Popular CRM

Salesforce is the world's most popular and most used CRM. The annual revenue of salesforce last year was $21.25 Billion which makes it the highest occupier of CRM market around the globe. Salesforce occupies 23% of the whole CRM market.

Salesforce is a Software as a Service (SaaS product). It seamlessly enables companies and business to use cloud technology and connect with their customer base. Often referred to as 'Cloud King', it is emerging as a highly profitable career option for both young and experienced professionals.

Career in Salesforce

Salesforce has two modes where all the work is done.

  1. Salesforce Administration
  2. Salesforce Development

The admin part comes with all the objects and features prebuilt where different users can perform their respective tasks. This also has numerous settings and also allows the user to add new apps and features. The app building in admin part is more like drag and drop.

The development part is where people from technical background love to work more. Salesforce has its own programming language - Apex which is more or less like JAVA. It also offers the feature or having queries, triggers, web development, etc. Salesforce developers get a whole lot of coding and programming challenges.

There is a general misconception that CRM platforms are more of a drag-drop rather than coding and designing. Whereas, the case is completely different.

Salesforce Admin Series on

Admin Series
I am a fresher and I am getting trained on both Admin and Development part of Salesforce. Both are equally challenging and fun.
Also, for the development part, I had to learn web development! Html, css, javascript, angular, java, apex. One has to learn all these in order to work on SFDC Development.
But first, I will be posting articles on Salesforce administration. Stay Tuned, and Give a Follow.

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skozeniuk profile image

Thank you very much. I just recently started looking into Salesforce and how it can help businesses get more automation with customer communications. I also recommend this in-depth reading guide, which also talks well about Salesforce and its features and capabilities.

How effective do you think it is to take a Salesforce course or training?

sushrutkm profile image
Sushrut Mishra Author

I only got to know about Salesforce four months ago. And now that I've joined corporate, everywhere I see, I find it. I mean, every company, business, firm is using salesforce. Its development and click-drop features are so smooth.
I see a huge potential in the coming years.