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Set Level Error Sentry Golang
Track errors & monitor performance in all major languages & frameworks with Sentry

The scope can include information about the environment in which the error occurred, the user who experienced the error, and any additional context that might be relevant to understanding and debugging the error.
information about Scope Sentry

A level Error could refer to a variety of issues in programming, depending on the context. It could be a syntax error, meaning there is a problem with the way the code is written and the interpreter or compiler cannot understand it.

Image description

  • specify the details in the error level selection in sentry, you can use the error level you want. Image description

results if it has been recorded in the issue sentry

  • Info level Image description
  • Error level Image description
  • Warning level Image description
  • Debug level Image description
  • Fatal level Image description

Detail about level Sentry

Detail Code

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