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September Stripe Developer Digest

September is Checkout month

Checkout month livestreams

From supporting free trials to embeddable pricing tables, Stripe Checkout has rapidly expanded in the past month. In September, we heard from the experts building and using Checkout. Watch our conversations with them to learn more:

Stay Updated

Display Stripe Issuing card details in your web application in a PCI compliant manner: The Stripe.js library accomplishes this browser-side, allowing you to securely display sensitive card data.

Offer free trials in Checkout without a payment method: Checkout can now collect your trial user’s contact information and send a reminder email at the end of the trial period to collect the user’s payment details to continue their subscription.

Invoice customers in multiple currencies: It's now possible to choose what currency to bill your customers using the currency parameter to request payment in other than the customer’s default.

Store Stripe Apps secrets with Secret Store: Our Secret Store API allows you to store sensitive data, such as API keys and authentication details, when using Stripe Apps

Support installment plan payments in Mexico: Payments APIs now support meses sin intereses for all users in Mexico. Learn more about compatibility and details for paying in installments.

Set URL parameters for Payment Links from the Dashboard: Use URL parameters for Payment Links to set UTMs, promotion codes, and other attributes that are configurable from the Stripe Dashboard.

Card Elements can use Link: Card Element users will soon be able to turn on Link, Stripe’s one-click checkout experience, to boost conversion right from the Dashboard, no code required—request early access.

Tap to Pay on iPhone: US platforms and marketplaces can now start accepting in-person contactless payments with only an iPhone and Stripe—no extra terminals, hardware, or readers required—request early access.

Mobile updates

Code sample—card brand choice for Cartes Bancaires: We released a new sample on GitHub showing how to use card brand choice features for Cartes Bancaires on iOS and Android.

  • Stripe Android SDK: Android SDK versions 20.7.0-20.11.0 were released this month and contain updates and fixes for functionality related to PaymentSheet and Identity.
  • Stripe iOS SDK: iOS SDK versions 22.6.0 - 22.8.0 were released this month. These updates contain fixes and updates for PaymentSheet and Apple Pay.
  • Stripe React Native: Versions 0.15.0 - 0.18.1 were published this month and include a breaking change: Your compileSdkVersion for android/build.gradle must be set to greater than version 32. There are also updates to confirmPayment, several bug fixes, and the inclusion of Link on PaymentSheet for iOS.


Build your first SaaS. Subscription businesses can seem complex to support, with configurations required for multiple products, price changes, and discounts. In the five-part SaaS Fundamentals video series (and a text version), Stripe developer advocate @cjav_dev takes you through using Stripe to meet these needs and more.

Checkout reconciliation: Learn best practices for fulfilling orders with Stripe Checkout. You’ll learn how to handle the checkout.session.completed webhook event notification and how to expand line items to know what the customer purchased.

Three tinydemos: Tinydemos are small, self-contained examples that are ideal for you to experiment and learn with. This month we have added three to the collection: set up recurring payments using Bancontact, iDEAL and Sofort with Checkout; fetch updates from the frontend for a Payment Element by fetching data from the backing Payment Intent if data (e.g. an amount) has changed on it; easily embed a pricing table in your website after configuring from the Stripe Dashboard.

Additional resources:

Protip: The Stripe API accepts idempotency keys to avoid accidentally performing the same operation twice.


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