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September Stripe Developer Digest

Prevent card testing attacks

We've deployed machine learning models to help prevent this activity by default for those using Stripe’s Payment Element. Since launching these models over a week ago, we've already seen them prevent attacks on thousands of sites and millions of unwanted transactions.

Our models, trained with Stripe Radar, analyze transactions at confirmation time and present card testers with a CAPTCHA when interacting with your checkout. Learn more about best practices to further prevent disputes and fraud.


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Explore an Issuing and Treasury demo: Interact with a live banking-as-a-service demo using card issuing, payouts, and more, and dive deeper into its sample code on GitHub.

BaaS demo

Add external payment methods to the Payment Element: Use Stripe’s Payment Element to display custom, external payment methods you’ve integrated with outside of Stripe.

Handle multiple payment methods configurations: Define the payment methods that you display to your customers for specific checkout scenarios, including one-time versus recurring payment flows or high-value transactions.

Embed the Express Checkout Element: The Express Checkout Element gives you a single integration for accepting payments through one-click payment buttons. 

Express Checkout Element

Accept USD bank transfers: Stripe enables the acceptance of USD bank transfers by providing a virtual bank account, managing overpayment and underpayment issues, and automatically processing payments.

Transfer customer data to a new Stripe account: Migrate data directly from the Dashboard to securely transfer customer and payment data between Stripe accounts.

Build low- and no-code Salesforce integrations: Connect Stripe products to Salesforce Service, Experience, and Sales Clouds using Apex or Salesforce Flow with the new Stripe for Salesforce Platform app.

Offer more payment methods on Android: The Android SDK PaymentSheet now supports additional payment methods for SetupIntents and PaymentIntents.

Modify product features for the pricing table by API: A new features parameter lets you read and modify the features list currently seen on the embeddable pricing table.

Change ACH Direct Debit speed: Selectively enable faster settlement or reduce fees with the preferred_settlement_speed parameter on a per-transaction basis.


  • Deploy a SaaS product on AWS: Follow the Next.js SaaS tutorial using App Router, Clerk, AWS DynamoDB and Stripe to walk through testing, planning for real users, handling failed payments, and best practices for using AWS resources.
  • Create a product checkout with Vue: Learn how to set up a simple product page using vue-stripe.
  • Build AI-powered SaaS: The post guides you through building and deploying a SaaS using NextJS, OpenAI, Stripe, TypeScript, Tailwind, and Vercel. 
  • Offer dynamic pricing with Svelte: This video provides a step-by-step guide on integrating Stripe with SvelteKit using dynamic pricing into a SvelteKit project. 
  • Use Capacitor with Terminal and Identity: Capacitor, an open-source native runtime for cross-platform web apps, now includes added Stripe Terminal and Identity plugins.
  • Run Stripe Terminal with Ruby on Rails: Pay, a Ruby on Rails payments engine, has been updated to support the latest Stripe API version and introduces in-person payments with Stripe Terminal. 
  • Dig into a Stripe with Flutter example: The latest release of the Stripe Flutter SDK has made a new payments example available and brought the SDK up-to-date with the React Native SDK.

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