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React Stripe.js and the Payment Element

What you’ll learn

With React Stripe.js and the Payment Element you can create a custom payment integration on your site that can offer more than 18 global payment methods with a single integration depending on your location and their availability. In this demo you’ll learn how to integrate the Payment Element with your React app, and how to turn on new payment methods via the dashboard without having to change, test or re-deploy your code.


If you’d like to follow along, you’ll need a Stripe account which you can sign up for here and you can clone the getting started branch of the repo here.

Table of contents

What to watch next

You can watch more videos on automatic payment methods here

About the author

Matthew Ling

Matthew Ling (@mattling_dev) is a Developer Advocate at Stripe. Matt loves to tinker with new technology, adores Ruby and coffee and also moonlighted as a pro music photographer. His photo site is at and developer site is at

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zodman profile image
Andres 🐍 in 🇨🇦

Something missing its the coupon/taxes support! you have to build your own logic for that. And no, i dont want to use invoices or checkout flow.