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Postman API collection, Mobile SDK updates, and new no-code features

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August Developer Digest

Better API testing with Postman + Stripe

Stripe API testing for Postman

We launched our Postman workspace and GitHub project to better support the millions of developers testing payment integrations. The Postman API network is the world’s largest network of APIs, workspaces, and collections by developers. With the Stripe API collection, you can now test our endpoints, review parameters, and automate your testing process.

Read the blog post and watch our guide to getting started on YouTube.

Stay updated

  • New Quotes API: The new Quotes API allows you to provide price estimates to your customers before creating a subscription or invoice. With this API, you can convert a quote into a recurring subscription or a one-time invoice after a customer accepts the quote.
  • No-code marketplaces: Payment Links now allow you split the funds received between a platform and a connected account, further enabling you to build no-code marketplaces on Stripe.
  • Pause subscriptions in the customer portal: The customer portal now lets your customers pause and resume subscriptions. You can enable this in your Dashboard settings.
  • Customer details and upcoming invoices: With the upcoming invoice API you can now preview invoices without an existing customer object. Instead, you can pass information via the customer_details hash to generate a preview invoice. This is useful for simulating automatic tax calculations on the invoice based on a customer’s newest location, tax-exempt status, or other details.
  • Manage Payment Methods from the Dashboard (beta): Add payment methods from the Stripe Dashboard, no code required. Contact to join the beta.
  • Docs localization in Japanese: Our docs are now available in Japanese, allowing native speakers to use the docs in their preferred language. You can switch the locale using the switcher in the lower left of the docs.
  • Stripe Terminal public beta in Ireland and the UK: Stripe Terminal is now available in public beta in Ireland and the UK. This allows you to extend your Stripe integration offline to accept in-person payments. Developers in Ireland and the UK can now get started with Terminal’s APIs and SDKs and order card readers directly from the Dashboard. Learn more about integrating with Terminal in your country.
  • New Checkout locales: Checkout supports three new locales that allow you to better serve your customers in Croatia, Korea, and Vietnam. You can specify those languages when creating a Checkout session.

Mobile SDK updates:

  • Stripe iOS SDK version 21.8.0: This new iOS SDK release adds support for Stripe Identity on iOS. Read more in the docs.
  • Stripe Android SDK version 17.0.0 and 17.1.0: Android version 17.0.0 introduces GooglePayLauncher and GooglePayPaymentMethodLauncher to simplify Google Pay integration, and version 17.1.0 adds support for WeChat pay. Read more in the release notes.


Global payments video series

Global payments video series: Watch our series of videos that walks through how to get started accepting payments on Stripe using local payment methods. We’ve added more payment method guides in recent weeks—subscribe for new videos.

  • The first step for accepting a one-time payment is to create a PaymentIntent on the server. Watch one of our seven server language guides to learn how: Ruby, Python, PHP, Node.js, Go, Java, .NET.
  • We’ve added videos on how to use Stripe.js to confirm a payment with several payment method types local to European customers, including iDEAL, Sofort, Przelewy24 (P24), and EPS.
  • QR codes with Stripe Checkout: In this episode, you’ll learn how to build a touchless restaurant payment flow using QR codes.
  • No-code livestream: You can now build a Stripe Connect marketplace with no-code tools such as Airtable and Payment Links. Watch this livestream to get an overview of building a marketplace without code.
  • Postman video guides: Learn how to use the new Stripe Postman collection to try API requests without writing any code. You can now learn how to install the collection, setup authentication, make basic and advanced requests, paginate lists, send versions and metadata, expand responses, and work with idempotency keys.

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CLI protip💡: Use --project-name to work with multiple Stripe Accounts from the Stripe CLI.

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