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May Stripe Developer Digest

Highlights from Stripe Sessions

Stripe Workbench


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Roughly 3,000 founders, engineers, business leaders, and OpenAI CEO Sam Altman joined us in San Francisco for this year’s Stripe Sessions, which covered a host of Stripe updates and announcements . In the keynote , we demoed Connect embedded components ( 30:40 ) and the ability to use natural language to write SQL in Stripe Sigma ( 48:33 ).

We also introduced the new Stripe developer experience with Stripe Workbench ( 57:31 ), a developer tool that lets you iterate, debug, and grow your integration. If you’d like an early look and a chance to shape the Workbench roadmap, join the beta program .

Stay updated

  • New Tax API for all payments: Calculate tax in your custom payment flow on Stripe transactions or for any other payment processor.
  • Private beta for Stripe Issuing charge cards: Stripe Issuing added support for charge cards, letting platforms provide their customers with access to credit through physical and virtual cards.
  • Custom domains for Payment Links: Use a custom domain for Payment Links , configured in the Stripe Dashboard or Stripe API.
  • Payment Links embeddable buy button: Customize and embed a buy button for your payment link on your website.
  • Specify Checkout subscription billing start date: Set a billing cycle anchor to a fixed UNIX timestamp in Checkout and use proration_behavior to charge a prorated invoice.
  • Afterpay adds monthly installments and increased transaction limits: US businesses can now use buy now, pay later payment method Afterpay for monthly installments and transactions up to $4,000.
  • Connect embedded components now localized in 47 countries: Payments, payment details, and payouts components now support a locale parameter to offer local language support.


  • Build a creator platform using Ruby: In this multi-part series, discover how to build and monetize creator platforms, such as newsletters, using Stripe Connect.

  • Lessons learned from building Stripe Radar: Learn from Stripe engineer Ryan Drapeau about the key decisions that go into building real-time fraud protection with machine learning algorithms.

  • Diving into Dev Containers: Hear about the benefits of Dev Containers, explore setup configurations, and share tips for maximizing container usage in GitHub CodeSpaces.

  • Jumpstart your HTTP APIs with Fern: Tune in to a live session with Fern’s cofounder Danny Sheridan to discuss the open-source toolkit to simplify and automate API creation.

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— The Stripe team

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