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March Stripe Developer Digest

GPT-powered Stripe Docs

GPT-powered Stripe Docs

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Like many, Stripe is exploring how to best use AI. Machine learning is already built into many of our tools, like Radar for fraud prevention—but we’re in awe of how rapidly this technology is accelerating. In early January, the team got access to OpenAI’s GPT-4. As one does, we had an internal hackathon to understand how to use it. 

Enter GPT-powered Stripe Docs. You can sign up for the developer preview to see how AI can help you learn and use Stripe; we think you’ll love it. 

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Data Pipeline now supports all Amazon Redshift versions: Data Pipeline expanded support for all versions of Redshift, including legacy DS2/DC2 instances.

Fresher data with faster Data Pipeline exports: New Stripe data now loads in your connected data warehouse within nine hours from when it is generated. Check how fast your data is loaded by viewing the “Loaded” column in your table. 

Terminal locations now require city and state field validation in several countries:  Different countries require varied information from readers. New location creation and update requests containing invalid cities or states within specific countries will now fail with an error. Existing locations in affected countries will require updating in the coming months.

Mobile SDK updates: The Stripe Android SDK  and iOS SDK had multiple releases in March, which include various enhancements like using Cash App Pay as a payment method and the ability to check card brands using Stripe.possibleCardBrands.



  • Flutter_stripe releases v9.0.0: With v9.0.0, the Flutter library for Stripe is now at parity with its React Native counterpart, enabling Tap to Pay, better digital wallet support, and a litany of updates.

  • Laravel Cashier Stripe moves to v0.14.9.0: Multiple updates were added to the Cashier package in the past month with support for the new Payment Element, a SyncCustomerDetails job, and bug fixes.

  • Ngx Stripe lets you display Issuing card details: Stripe Issuing card elements can now be used to display card details in your Angular application with PCI compliance. 

  • Messaging protocols and standards insights: Join Clemens Vasters, principal architect at Microsoft, and Cecil to cover the importance of messaging interoperability, the AMQP standard, and the emerging CloudEvents standard.

  • Opportunities through community and culture: In this interview, Cecil chats with Leilah Squires, developer advocate at Bitrise, about her journey as an iOS developer, the influence of Caribbean culture on her work, authenticity, and her role at Bitrise. Leilah also highlights her community involvement and its impact.

  • Discover Rentalo from the Caribbean Developer Conference: Join Cecil’s chat with Cesar Mejía Peralta, founder of Rentalo, to learn how the rental management and customer engagement platform uses Stripe to ensure a seamless payment experience.

  • Empowering your career through developer communities: Watch Andres Pineda, senior software engineer at Shopify, and Cecil discuss developer communities’ critical role in personal and professional growth.

  • ** Embeddable UI Elements Masterclass:** CJ joined’s masterclass on embedded UI components, to chat about how, in general as a developer, you can consider and work with prebuilt UI components. 

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— The Stripe team

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Shahidul Islam

Hi, can you tell me which event will give me a response with these pointed amounts? I have used 'charge captured' event which only returns the sum total which is $1.
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Amritpal singh

Just want to know, if stripe have started issuing digital wallets in Australia..

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Hey Amritpal, if you mean digital wallets via Stripe Issuing Australia is not there yet, here's a full list of supported countries. Hope that helps.