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March Developer Digest: Better time travel with Billing test clocks ⏰

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March Developer Digest

Better time travel with Billing test clocks ⏰

Billing clock flow - create simulation, advance the test clock, review test objects in the dashboard

Building apps with recurring payments can be difficult to test. How can you simulate when an annual subscription is about to expire? What happens to the user experience at the end of a trial period? To answer these questions, we’re excited to introduce the top-requested Stripe Billing dev feature: test clocks.

With test clocks, you can now simulate the forward movement of time in test mode in order to change state and trigger webhook events for resources such as subscriptions, trials, and upgrades.

Try out test clocks in our docs.

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Open-source software updates:
Thank you to our top open-source contributors this month: AbrahamBrookes, LeonMelis, Arsaev, kaznovac, christianaranda, ilyailya, vinistock, Morriar, paracycle, KaanOzkan, hibariya, swiknaba, rwstauner, and dougedey-shopify.

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