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June Stripe Developer Digest

Tap to Pay on Android

Stripe Tap to Pay on Android


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Tap to Pay on Android is now generally available in the US, the UK, and Singapore, and it’s in beta in all other Terminal markets . With Tap to Pay you can accept in-person payments with a compatible iPhone or Android device and the Stripe Terminal SDK using React Native, Java, Kotlin, Swift, or Objective-C—no extra hardware required. It’s ideal if you’re looking to offer contactless payments in more places. Check out our video and blog tutorial to get started with Android.

Stay updated

Customer portal adds deep links: You can now help your users navigate desired actions, like updating their subscription or payment method, in the customer portal with deep links .

Stripe Apps install links: Stripe Apps added install links to provide an option for installation outside the Stripe App Marketplace. Use this OAuth-like experience to keep users within your site or app with redirect and state handling.

Cash App Pay payment method: Businesses in the United States can now accept one-time and recurring payments with digital wallet Cash App Pay .

Sigma supports metadata queries for Billing tables: Sigma now includes the ability to query Billing metadata for subscription schedules, schedule phases, subscription items, and schedule phase items.

Issuing can be tried in test mode: In the US, the UK, and European Economic Area, you can now try Issuing in test mode for physical and virtual card programs.



  • Capacitor-stripe v4.2.0: The latest release of Capacitor-stripe introduces native support for Stripe Identity.
  • Flutter Stripe v9.0.0 and 9.2.0: Flutter Stripe has released version 9.0.0, which includes better support for tap-to-pay cards and Apple Watch.
  • Laravel Cashier Stripe v14.12.2: The latest version of Laravel Cashier Stripe , v14.12.2, focuses on improving the handling of the “payment_method.automatically_updated” webhook.
  • Pay for Ruby on Rails: Pay , a payments engine for Ruby on Rails, has made it easier to build custom webhooks.
  • Stripe payment flow diagram tool: Erasure’s DiagramGPT is a neat tool that can generate API diagrams from code, like Stripe’s payment flow documentation.

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— The Stripe team

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