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July Stripe Developer Digest

Stripe Tax for Platforms

Stripe Tax for Platforms


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  • Manage Stripe Tax for subscriptions: The new automatic_tax parameter for the List Subscriptions endpoint lets you turn tax for subscriptions on or off, making it easier to filter transactions that have automatic tax collection for reporting purposes.
  • Mobile support to collect payment details before Intent: You can now collect payment details before creating a PaymentIntent or SetupIntent using the Android, iOS, React Native SDKs, and Mobile Payment Element. Use this to confirm payment server-side or to support a multi-processor implementation. 
  • Recovery automations for Stripe Billing are available in beta: Recovery automations are a no-code tool to configure complex revenue recovery use cases, such as customizing dunning flows and scheduling notifications on subscription and quote expiration. Get started with a few automation recipes.
  • Cross-border payouts add Pakistan and Kazakhstan: US-based Connect platforms can now pay out to connected accounts in 118 countries


  • AI Day: Stripe recently hosted an AI Day featuring talks on AI developer tools, a Radar assistant demo, and speakers from Anthropic, Zapier, Runway, Replit, and more. 
  • Common API design patterns at Stripe: Browse a four-part series on API design best practices for crafting a thoughtful API experience, from naming conventions to a preference for enums.
  • Type checking at Stripe podcast: Stripe engineer Jake Zimmerman works on Sorbet, an open-source project for Type checking in Ruby, and joined the Changelog podcast to discuss type checking at scale. 
  • Use Deno and Fresh to build a store: Jump into a three-part Deno walkthrough to display store items, shopping cart logic, and state management. 
  • Take recurring payments with SvelteKit: Learn how to set up Stripe Billing in a SvelteKit project quickly.  
  • Create a Stripe Issuing card management dashboard: Retool shows us how to use their no-code tools to create a customer card management dashboard.  
  • Collect payments on Android with Google Pay and Stripe: The Android Developers channel covered how to implement mobile payments and offered a peek at Stripe’s upcoming developer tool, Workbench.
  • Implement usage-based billing with Stripe: OpenMeter provided a helpful tutorial for getting started with usage-based billing.
  • RedwooodJS-Stripe reaches v1: The RedwoodJS-Stripe library has hooks and providers and includes a demo store, cart, and Stripe Checkout in a single command. 

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Looking forward to the August developer digest!!