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Explore Stripe Tax and the new webhooks dashboard

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September Developer Digest

Get started with Stripe Tax

Get started with Stripe Tax

Stripe Tax simplifies tax calculation and collection. If you’re looking to incorporate Stripe Tax into your integration or learn more about the three steps you need to get started, watch our guide on Youtube.

Stay updated

  • Implement server-side redirects: Redirect to Checkout from your server, without using Stripe.js. This update helps simplify your integration and makes it easier to build a payment flow that doesn’t start on a website. The Session URL can be retrieved via the API as part of the Checkout Session object.
  • Recover abandoned carts: You can now create a recovery flow for abandoned or expired Checkout sessions using the new after_expiration parameter.
  • Stay compliant with updated KYC regulations: We’ve added future_requirements support to our Java, PHP, .NET, Go, and Node SDKs. This parameter enables developers to know account verification requirements and deadlines.
  • Reach more customers with Canadian bank accounts: Learn how to accept pre-authorized debit payments.

Mobile SDK updates:


React Stripe.js: With the React wrapper for Stripe.js, you can build beautiful custom payment forms in your React applications. Check out this playlist to get started and learn about accepting a variety of payment method types, including Apple Pay, Boleto, OXXO, and Afterpay/Clearpay.

  • Postman collection: Check out this livestream, and learn how to create and manage online payments for your side hustle using the new Postman collection to make requests to the Stripe API.
  • Customer portal: If you accept recurring payments with Stripe Billing, you can use the customer portal for billing management. In this episode, you’ll see a walkthrough of how it works and a demo showing how to integrate.

  • Stripe CLI: In this video, you’ll learn all about the Stripe CLI, how to make API calls directly from the command line, and how to use tools like listen and trigger when developing your webhook handlers.

  • No-code marketplace: You can now build a marketplace payment flow without any code using Payment Link and Connect. In this livestream, you’ll learn how to use Airtable and Stripe to build a no-code marketplace.

    The new webhooks dashboard experience

    New webhooks dashboard experience

We've launched a new webhooks developer dashboard. It's now easier to get started with webhooks by adding new code samples and copying webhooks directly from test mode into live mode. Get started at

Watch the webhooks developer overview on YouTube.

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CLI protip💡: The Stripe CLI supports autocompletion for macOS and Linux to make it easier to use the right commands in Bash and ZSH shells. You can get started by running: stripe completion.

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