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Charles Watkins for Stripe

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Composing payment flows with Postman and Stripe

Meetup at the Postman office in San Francisco - YouTube

Live from the brand new Postman office in San Francisco, we have flown in experts from Stripe, Typeform and Postman to give exciting tech talks about all thi...


What you'll learn

In this talk, Charles Watkins explains the why and how of composing payment flows with Stripe and Postman.

You'll learn how to create a hosted payment page using a single API call with Postman. You'll also see how to integrate additional features like pre-filling a known customer's email address, accepting taxes, and more.

What to watch next

Learn all the tips and tricks for exploring Stripe's APIs with Postman in our developer foundations series on Youtube.

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Jan Schenk (he/him)

Thanks for sharing, @charlesw_dev! ❤️