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August Stripe Developer Digest

Dynamic payment methods

Adapting and staying on top of quickly evolving payment methods can be overwhelming. That's why we’ve added dynamic payment methods to our PaymentIntents and SetupIntents API. As our new default configuration, this change will allow you to let Stripe handle payment methods that are displayed and configure payment methods directly from your Dashboard, saving you from hardcoding and testing these properties in your code.

Dynamic payment methods

We think it’ll simplify your integration, reduce the risk of payment failure and errors, and better future-proof your systems. Additionally, we made tools to help you understand why certain payment methods aren't available for a transaction and simulate different scenarios. You’ll even be able to run A/B payment method tests and set custom targeting rules without any code changes. Upgrade to our latest API version to try out dynamic payment methods and take advantage of these features.


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Deploy Stripe Data Pipeline globally: Data Pipeline is now available globally to connect Stripe with Snowflake and Amazon Redshift data warehouses. 

Offer no-cost orders and coupons for “free” purchases: Checkout, Payment Links, and pricing tables can accept no-cost orders for $0 or with 100% off coupons.

Limit customers to one subscription: When using Checkout, Payment Links, or pricing tables, you can now limit customers to a single subscription and remind them during the checkout process. 

Allow alternative currency payouts in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Australia: Businesses using Connect in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Australia can now enable alternative currency payouts to let users pay themselves out in a non-local currency.

Have immutable Stripe Billing subscription metadata: Subscription metadata is now locked to subscription invoices at the time of invoice creation and displayed on the invoice within a new field, subscription_details.metadata, for stronger guarantees and referential integrity within your systems.

Backdate invoices with an effective date: Invoices and credit notes can now use an effective_at date field to sync over historical records or match the effective date of a delayed contract.

Collect tax for streaming media: Stripe Tax introduced tax codes and calculations for businesses selling audio and video streaming services.

Reverse transactions and issue refunds with tax included: Stripe Tax API offers a new transaction reversals endpoint to issue refunds for the total amount, including taxes.

Access card network dispute codes: The Stripe Disputes API now surfaces the underlying card network dispute reason code, enabling you to provide a more targeted counter to disputes.

Reduce latency with Financial Connections prefetch: The prefetch parameter retrieves necessary data upon account creation, like balance or account information, that would otherwise require an additional API call. 


Pin SDKs to the latest API version: PHP, Python, Ruby, Node, Java, .net, and Go SDKs now use the latest API version as default. Updating your integration and setting it to be compatible with API version 2023-08-16 is recommended.

Instantiate Java apps using StripeClient: Java SDK version 23.0.0 added support for using StripeClient, joining Node and PHP SDKs. Instances are thread-safe, immutable, and provide access to the Stripe REST API in a single method.

Internet Explorer 11 support dropped by Stripe.js: Using Stripe.js in Internet Explorer 11 will now display a warning message. Supported browsers include Chrome 38+, Safari 10.1+, Firefox 29+, Edge 15+, and Opera 25+.

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