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April Stripe Developer Digest

Analyzing billions of transactions for fraud

How we built it: Stripe Radar


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Continuing our collective AI obsession, Stripe engineer Ryan Drapeau penned How we built it: Stripe Radar. This blog post is a well-crafted deep dive into the challenges of fraud detection and how Stripe uses machine learning to analyze a transaction in fewer than 100 milliseconds. If you’d like to have more conversations about AI, check out Stripe Sessions, our annual conference, on May 3 in San Francisco. 

Stay updated

  • Use buy now, pay later methods in more places: Support for buy now, pay later payment methods is available in more countries. Klarna is ready to activate in Canada, Australia, Switzerland, Poland, the Czech Republic, Greece, Portugal, and New Zealand. Affirm is now available in Canada. 

  • Display your buy now, pay later options: You can now use the Payment Method Messaging Element to show which buy now, pay later payment methods you support to increase conversion.  

  • Manage Affirm and Afterpay disputes programmatically: You can now be notified of disputes and submit evidence to challenge them via the Disputes API and Stripe Dashboard. 

  • Show local currencies in Checkout and Payment Links: For businesses in the US and Canada, you can turn on automatic currency conversion to show pricing in local currencies for 30 countries. 

  • Customize Stripe Issuing SMS fraud alert rules: You can now modify Stripe Issuing SMS fraud alert rules to decide which transactions require additional verification. 

  • Accept in-person payments in Australia: Stripe Terminal and Tap to Pay for Android are now supported in Australia.

  • Create payment links on the go: The Stripe Dashboard iOS app added support to create new payment links


  • Update to Stripe Node SDK v12: The Stripe Node v12 release includes version pinning and support for Cloudflare Workers.

  • Add custom fields in Checkout: Learn how to add drop-down select boxes, text, and numeric inputs to let customers enter custom data in Checkout

  • Use the integration builder to accept a payment with Checkout: In our Checkout 101 series, see how to use the integration builder with Node, Go, Java, and Python.

  • Manage Stripe Connect onboarding with Ruby on Rails: Part 5 of the Connect Series walks through how to onboard your users in a Ruby on Rails app.

  • Build a crypto gift card store: This community tutorial uses Stripe with React and other tools to offer gift cards backed by cryptocurrency. 

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