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Trello + Sapper JAMstack (Part 2)

Important API endpoints

List of sanity checks (I have done your homework 😉) and API endpoints that help you get the cards and list.


We need to hit 3 endpoints sequentially to get all the items in the cards. /1/boards/{boardID} {boardID} is your part of the URL on your Trello board they have some confusing API keywords this will give you boardID for query the list for the next step


Step 1: boardID is the URL part 🤷

Make use of the id from the first endpoint in the 1/boards/{boardID}/lists and this will return cards on the board if done right.


Step 2: Copy id for Posts

Having copied the id proceed to obtain the items in the card

Alt Text

Step 3: Success!

The 3rd endpoint will be used for the Sapper app and generate blog posts, have the last endpoint somewhere safe.

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