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Sapper JAMstack - Trello as a blog backend? (Part 1)

#1 What is Sapper?

Sapper is the companion framework of svelte, like how Next/Nuxt is for React/Vue. You have the benefits of svelte and all the SEO powerhouse and Server Side Rendering. You can read more about sapper here

#2 What is Trello?

Jira of cool kids, A project management tool that is used by several collaborators to get things done and be organized also it is very easy to get started and begin a new project board

#3 Base setup - trello

Since we are going to make a blog we need to have Drafts and Posts. Drafts are incomplete and in-progress articles. Posts are completed articles that appear in your blog.

Create a new private board and set up two lists like so


The drafts list has a new card First Post

First Post

#4 Trello as a Blog Backend

We make an unconventional project. Trello has extensive API documentation that we can use for JAMstack applications.

Once you are logged in you need to go here agree to ToS and obtain the key and token.


Token along with your API key can be used to read and write for your entire Trello account. Tokens should be kept secret!

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dansvel profile image

aw man,, i just finished my blog using Netlify CMS for backend,,

nice post, interesting,,

karem1986 profile image

How did you use Netlify CMS? Using trello is very interesting too!

shriji profile image

Thanks, dan.