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Final Submission: Dev to Sapper

What I built

A beautiful portfolio/personal site generator that can be deployed with this button.

Deploy to DO

Category Submission:

Personal Site/Portfolio

App Link



  • Requires you to have DEV account
  • Needs DEV API
  • At least 1 article written

With the above list and the supplied env variables for both local development and digital ocean deployment

Link to Source Code

GitHub logo peopledrivemecrazy / dev-to-sapper

Portfolio/Personal blog generator from API.

DEV to Sapper Portfolio/Personal blog generator

portfolio preview

You can check out the deployed Sapper app at

Note: Following these steps will result in charges for the use of DigitalOcean services


Development and Forking

Fork/clone this repo and create a new .env file with variables in the provided .envsample.

npm install
#yarn install
#develop like any other Sapper app

Issues and PRs are welcome :)

Deploying the App

Click this button to deploy the app to the DigitalOcean App Platform.

Deploy to DO

Note: Once you begin to deploy there is a step where you need to supply your environment variables check .envsample for the format

Making Changes to Your App

As long as you left the default Autodeploy option enabled when you first launched this app, you can now make code changes and see…

Permissive License



I always wanted to consume DEV API to do something and this hackathon was the perfect motivator for building this app. Also, the one-click deploy fun.

How I built it

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