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You ain't a beginner developer no more!

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1. Not afraid of learninig something new !

You just be like "give me some time , this shit can be done!". You will just bypass the fear of learning something new.

At the end of the day you just work with what suits your needs and learning new is the part of development.

2. Syntax ain't a problem

You are far better with your syntax skills even when learning the new language.

3. You Stop watching Youtube/Tutorial Videos

You directly go to the docs where you would find stuff easily and complain about inconsistencies in the docs.

You prefer reading rather than watching a video because ultimately you develop the habit of finding what you need when reading easily.

4. You start exploring other things beyond coding.

Such as writing a documentation/blogs for what you do , writing test cases , automating a testing flow and cloud related things.

Peace 🕊

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