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The Chrome Dev Tool you are missing : FEAT Recorder

There ever been the time where you would repeatedly testing something manually when you are developing?

For example Form Validations , Filling up the forms and user flows.

Who is this blog for ?
This is meant for developers who are willing to go extra mile for testing their flow with automation. (This feature is still experimental)

Lets assume this wierdly layed out form where the Next button is disabled until all the details are filled. We're working on the 2nd step where we would want to click next and test something.

Imagine going over 20 times manually filling this up! That is where chrome recorder comes in 😇

User Form

This is what recorder does. For the very first time I train the recorder do what I am doing and from next time onwards we can just let the recorder take control doing that.

Chrome Recorder Demo

Lets see how we can do this

  1. Open your console / Developer tools
  2. Press CMD/CTRL + SHIFT + P to open command run
  3. Type Recorder and click Show Recorder
  4. Click Start new recording and do the flow. Thats it

Show Recorder


There are lot of options after you have done recording.

You can export as json and share.

All the events can be edited such as value changes and other stuff. You can also add timeouts to make way for api calls.
Event Changes

For more information visit Record, replay, and measure user flows

I have tested this feature in Angular 11 and Nextjs. Its safe to say I've saved time ( lot of boring stuff ) at my company when testing flows.

Peace 🕊

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yogeshktm profile image

Definitely helpful when forms having too many required fields. kind of macros for web developers :)

Thanks for sharing

tykok profile image

Wow, That's crazy.

Thank you for sharing this :o

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