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How to test open graph meta tags locally ?

I have a created a chrome extension thats let you preview your meta tags. Localhost Open Graph Tester hosts your meta tags on a seperate website and gives you the link to preview test.

Just click the extension icon on the development site , it will open a new tab with the link for you to share.

Local images won't share directly, upload the images in postimages or imgbb first, use the url in the meta tags. Then click the extension again to create a new sharer link!

How this extension works ?

When you click the extension we copy the meta tags of the active tab and host it in different domain, where it will be available for the internet.

It also helps you debug your tags easily. I have attached a sample where you can see the hosted tags in a table. Peep at the Source code

Sample devto 1

This extension saves the hassle of ngrok tunnels or public URLs. Simply click the extension icon to instantly test your OG tags on localhost. If this extension helps you Rate us

Important Links

  1. Source code
  2. Chrome Extension
  3. Localhost open graph tester - Home

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