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Struggling with finding colors and layouts for your web projects ? Check out these sites

If you're new to web development or you beleive you can do better with colors and design for your next website.

πŸ”– Bookmark this for future references.

These are the websites I found along the way of learning, on various platoforms like Youtube , Twitter & Other Blogs.

πŸ”₯ Lets start !

1. Huemint

This is a color pallete website generator that produces some best palettes. This website help us create the following

  • Monochrome , 1 Accent , 2 Accent
  • Illustrations Designs
  • Gradient & Gradient Background

Huemint Demo

2. MyColor.Space

This is color palette generator you need if your looking for all the palette that suits your accent color. This site helps you create the following palettes

  • Generic Gradient , Matching Gradient
  • Spot Palette , Twisted Spot Palette and so many other palettes and gradients

MyColor Space Demo

3. Colorhunt

This is a quick Pre Generated Palettes.

Color Hunt Demo

4. Awwwards

Awwwards if you are looking for great website inspirations.
Awwwards Demo

5. Carrd

Want to create a single page website in 5 minutes ? This is the Best Free thing you can get. Scroll through pre built themes and just place your content.

Carrd Demo

6. Undraw

Illustrations you can get for free for your accent colors and fill your sites with beautiful placeholders.

Undraw Demo

7. Coolors

This is a great tool to quickly view some color palletes that is enough for simple websites.
Just Press SPACE BAR to iterate through variety of colors.
Export to many formats available if you want to share.

Coolors Demo

Some other websites to look for

Please comment If you know any other resource , so that this post becomes more useful. I will add that to this post and give credits.

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Thanks & Cheers🍻 !

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