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Introducing Emoji Island 🏝

Ryan Lynch (he/him)
I solve computer problems as a dev, human problems as a teacher
・1 min read

Welcome to Emoji Island! This is an emoji world simulator you control through code. You can use it to learn Typescript or React, let off some steam by setting a 🌲 on πŸ”₯, or just watch your emojis move through the simulated world. Watch the video to learn how to edit. Many thanks to Tani for joining me to learn this time around! Skip to 26:50 if you think we're spending too much time debugging CodeSandbox πŸ›, 43:30 to see exploding farmers πŸ‘¨β€πŸŒΎ. For the game look below πŸ‘‡

If you'd like to join me in another video to learn how to edit your own emoji island, leave a comment with what emoji(s) you'd like to add and what they do!

Discussion (2)

enzime4u profile image
Liviu Tudor • Edited

Ryan is an amazing teacher, I meet him on a teaching platform and he introduced me to javascript. His teaching style is amazing and he is really passionate about it. Let's dive into typescript and more react. Keep it up Ryan....looking forward to more videos and sessions like this one.

shiftyp profile image
Ryan Lynch (he/him) Author

Liviu, you were one of my first students and still one of my favorites. Thanks for the encouragement, I'm looking forward to doing more videos! πŸ“ΉJust need some ideas for emojis and behaviors! πŸ€”