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I solve computer problems as a dev, human problems as a teacher

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Software Engineer & Mentor

Introducing Object Hooks: Mutable State for React 🤯

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2 min read

TypeScript or Terminal: Which would you learn over text message? 💬

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1 min read

Planck EZ Keyboard: Two minutes of Typing

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1 min read

Balance: My 2020 Programming Goal

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2 min read

McLear: From typo to a fun alias 🍔🍟

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1 min read

How do you write an empty array?

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1 min read

How would you debug CSS performance? ⏱

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1 min read

Emoji Island Dispatch: Play on your phone with an Emoji URL 🤯

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1 min read

Full-Stack in Four Files

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5 min read

How To Start is How To Grow

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3 min read

Direct, Indirect, Redirect: React Props, Context, and State as Inputs

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3 min read

The Hackers Guide to Refactoring Reality

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4 min read