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TIL: Analytics, Jekyll, Open Graph

  • I've been trying to get my personal website and blog cleaned up as my primary content publication location, but there are three main issues I need to solve:
    • Analytics
    • Notify subscribers
    • Distribution to broader community

To solve the first issue, I've added GoatCounter to my website, which is built in Jekyll

  • When sharing my posts on social media, I'd like to include an image and preview text. Many platforms will automatically create a "social card" when pasting a link, but it wasn't working for my website. I installed the jekyll-seo-tag plugin and added the necessary meta data (description and image), and now it's working!
  • I wanted to keep my posts organized, since they were all in a single _posts folder in the root directory. I found out that I can organize them into folders, with the added benefit of the posts being automatically categorized by the names of the folders.
  • I came across the wonderful site This is where I learned a bit more about Jekyll. I'll definitely be using this more.
  • I needed a simple spell checker that works in VSCode. I went with Code Spell Checker, and it has been serving me well so far. It would be cool to have a LanguageTool extension that works with code.

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