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TIL: Clojure Setup

I've been learning Clojure through Exercism this month, and decided to live stream my setup today. Today was my second attempt at live streaming.

  • I installed KeyViz during the stream to show which keys I was pressing.
  • I'm pretty happy with my Clojure setup in Caval so far. I don't really use the REPL and instead just evaluate code inline with Alt-Enter.
  • Paredit hasn't really gotten in my way too much, and I've used slurp and split to some extent.
  • I didn't finish solving the pig latin problem on the live stream, but my final solution can be found here
  • As usual, I tried to avoid using Regex as much as possible. This sort of problem could have been solved entirely in Regex, but I'm trying to learn Clojure, not Regex.
  • My favorite part of my solution was using some to get the first truthy result of mapping over a word with a collection of functions. This is probably the first time that the homoiconicity of Lisp dialects has felt like more than just a cool thing to talk about. I was able to practically play with the syntax of the language to map functions over a value. There are certainly other ways of achieving this without syntactic gymnastics, but it worked really well.

Check out the video here.

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