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TIL: Astro

On Tuesday, we took a look at Astro at Syracuse JavaScript meetup. Here are some thoughts.

  • Geared towards simple websites, such as blogs, marketing sites, or small e-commerce sites.
  • Has it's own component syntax that builds on JSX for templating. The script portion of the component is defined in a separate front-matter section (---), similar to Svelte or Vue single file components.
  • Markdown posts with front-matter have first class support.
  • Has directory-based routing and layouts.
  • Vue, React, Svelte, and several other libraries can all be used in Astro simultaneously!

In summary, Astro looks like a good option if you want to build a simple website with all the DX of React/Vue/Svelte components. I might look into switching my blog to Astro, since it can also be hosted on Github Pages and looks like conversion almost comes for free.

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