A Guide for Contributing to Any Open Source JavaScript Project Ever 💛

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Hey you, talk about your side-projects!

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#showdevI made a Text-to-handwriting tool to write my college assignments for me 🤓

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Overcoming the anxiety of creating your first open-source contribution 🦄

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#showdevDEV.to Widget v1.2.0🎉: GUI to create widget, new theme, data-sortby attribute and more!

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HTML parsing and rendering🌻: Here's what happens when you type URL and press enter...

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Make websites work offline - Offline Storage. Making IndexedDB the Hero!

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Make websites work offline - What are Service Workers and How to get a custom App Install button on the website.

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My year in review - 2019🌻 || Started Writing Articles, Travelled the country, and Contributing to open-source🎉

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#showdevI made PocketBook.cc 🌻 a Google Keep alternative that lets you create notebooks and manage important notes📝🦄

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#showdevDEV.to Widget now has a DARK Theme! and a pink theme and an ocean theme. See what's new in dev-widget v1.1.0 🌻🌑🌸

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The usefulness of building useless things

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But what the hell is package-lock.json?

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