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I made a Text-to-handwriting tool to write my college assignments for me πŸ€“

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Hi everyone, I hope you all are safe and doing fine!

I prefer typing over writing and college told us to write some assignments and I was bored.

So instead of spending 1 hour to write assignments, I spent 3 hours to build a tool that writes assignments for me πŸŽ‰. It is called Text-to-handwriting (see... I'm really good at naming my projects)

Text to Handwriting converts text content to an image that looks like handwriting. So this is what the output looks like:


A picture of output from text-to-handwriting that looks very close to the picture taken of handwritten paper


  • Draw diagrams
  • Change font-size, ink color, spacing, etc.
  • Upload font button for custom handwritings (so you can create a font of your handwriting from other online tools and upload the font file)





Do ⭐ the repository

GitHub logo saurabhdaware / text-to-handwriting

So your teacher asked you to upload written assignments? Hate writing assigments? This tool will help you convert your text to handwriting xD


Do share it with your twitter fam πŸ•ΊπŸ»

Thank you for reading πŸ¨πŸŽ‰ Let me know your thoughts comments.

You can follow me on Twitter @saurabhcodes and on GitHub @saurabhdaware

Bye! stay safe and remember we are going get through this 🌻

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What an awesome project!! πŸ”₯ Loved how easy to use this is!

I made something similar to this before, I tried to use AI to generate human-like handwriting! github.com/CT83/handwriting-synthesis


Your handwriting is just awesome!!!


haha but its not really my handwriting in that image. This one is


This is unique and quite creative, Saurabh! I'm gonna share this in our Telegram channel: t.me/bestofdev πŸ˜ƒ


Thank you so much, Utkarsh :DπŸŽ‰



One quick note, when adding a drawing the text overflows. see screenshots attached.



Thank you so much and thank you for reporting the bug. I've fixed it now.


Naughty 😁 I wish my handwriting was that tidy!


haha, in that case, there are options in some 'create font from handwriting' tools to add alternate versions of letters so in the font it switches between the letters randomly. You can create font of your handwriting there and upload the font in my tool.

I know Calligraphr they provide option to switch between letters.


Awesome job, really impressed with the outcome.

Minor note; when I add a diagram, the hand-written text overlaps the "How to add your own handwriting?" section.


ops I broke it while changing something else. Thanks for reporting I'll fix it.

and I'm glad that you liked it 🌻


Only 3 hours? How you did it so fast? Or now version on Github more advanced? However, it really interesting and useful project.


oh yes the current version is more advanced. In 3 hours I got the basic working prototype so it was not having the draw diagram feature and form was not having any css they were added later.


I’d implement some fixed mistakes :D


Good idea πŸ˜„, Assignments usually are written in notebooks. So did you take printouts and stick it? Second, teachers may ask questions like, is this your hand writing?


Thank you and in our university, we have to write assignment in a notebook and upload pdf of scanned assignment on our website so I can just generate image and turn it into PDF.

Also about the handwriting, you can add your own handwriting to it with the font upload button. So this one is truely my handwriting


Hey man ! A new JS developer here.. I wanted to ask some questions ? any how I can reach you ?


Hi Mihir, you can reach out on twitter dm. I'm on twitter as @saurabhcodes


Pardon my french, but this is fucking amazing! πŸ’―


Should we type the text or can we just copy-paste it ?
Awesome prg :))