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Think About Your Audience

Hello readers! I am in 5th week of my internship. In this blog, I will introduce you with the project I am working on. "Improve stethoscope app AI".

> IF YOU are NEW to Open Source. And if you think that "I need a group of people that helps me to learn or improve new skills", then you are at the right blog

I got email few months back, of which I awaited intensely.

"Congratulations, you've been selected as an intern for the December 2022 to March 2023 Outreachy internship round. You'll be interning with Mboalab on the project "improve a digital stethoscope android app""

This is how I started a 3-month paid internship in the Open source community "Mboalab".

Mboalab is an open and collaborative space located in the village of Mefou-Assi, Yaounde, Cameroon. The aim of Mboalab is to facilitate long-lasting development and improve people's living conditions through open science. They bring together researchers, scholars, educationalists, policy makers and the general public to explore, design and implement projects responding to the health, economic and social needs of the community, such as the coronavirus pandemic. Their approach focuses on the incorporation of local knowledge and open digital technologies by focusing the local community especially Women. Raise public awareness of environmental issues and Facilitate access to basic health care.

I am selected for the project "Improve Digital Stethoscope AI App" which is the mixture of the Mobile app development, Machine Learning, Research and documentation. We are 3 interns selected for this project. I am from Pakistan and both my co-interns are from Africa and we are working remotely. We all are newbies to Open source and community world. My experience in Mobile app development (Flutter) will help me to implement in the project. Machine Learning part is (new to me) required to train the sound data modeling, predicting and suggesting (using Machine Learning Simple Algorithm) a diagnosis to patients within the app. I am exploring Keras, Tensorflow for training the sound heartbeat data.

Goal of the project:
The aim is to be able to limit the elongated contact the nursing staff with the patient and to have a device which can be placed by the patient but interpreted by the medical doctor.

Want to know more about the our project

What makes me most excited to work on my project?

I am working with the experienced mentors that help me to uplift me in the open source world. I got to know there are open source conferences happening in the world that offers knowledge, new experiences and even job opportunities in open source and open science. It's 3-month paid internship. Adding AI skill in my resume. I get to know the art of Remote work and Work-Life balance. Power of diversified communities.

Learn more about FOSS conferences?

I would like to share few terms and concepts, which I learn in past months:

FOSS: Free and Open Source Software. It doesn’t mean the software is free of cost. It means that the software's source code is open for all and anyone is free to use, study and modify the code. This principle allows others to contribute to developing and improving a software like a community.

FOSS Conferences: FOSS Conference talks are great because they teach you new skills or give you ideas.

FOSSCOMM (Free and Open Source Software Communities Meeting) is a Greek conference aiming at free-software and open-source enthusiasts, developers, and communities. It has been hosted in various cities around Greece and its goal is to promote the use of FOSS in Greece and to bring FOSS enthusiasts together.

Art of Remote Work.

When you feel stressed in life remember "communication is the key". You can communicate your life and work problems with anyone from mentors to the Project Manager. Just talk to someone and overcome the negative vibe from your thought ad heart. And add the light of hope and positive vibe in your life.

End thought on the project
The point is not to complete just the end product, but to improve and brainstorm the complete solution for the betterment of the common people of Africa especially women.

I hope this blog makes you think about Outreachy, the Software Freedom Conservancy and FOSS. See you in my next blog.

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