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Project Management

Modifying your project timeline to set more realistic goals is a skill called project management.

Hi everyone, I am in 6th week of my internship with Mboalab Community, via Outreachy. Here I was assigned a project of "improving Digital Stethoscope AI App" where we need to brainstorm app ideas more precisely with mentors and fellow interns, train and evaluate the prediction of a Machine Learning algorithm with pre-trained open source heartbeat sound datasets, Design App prototype on Figma, develop UI/UX Portfolio on Android IDE using Flutter, Adding Functionality to the App, setting and adding up Back-end functionalities in Mobile App and Testing.

As time passes, we Brainstormed App ideas with mentors and co-interns, created a prototype on Figma, and Train open source dataset on CNN (mixing with other algorithms) Machine Learning Algorithm.

Choosing the right ML algorithms for Training the Open-source datasets took longer than expected in our project. As for me and my co-interns, Machine Learning and data training were new things. We get familiar ourselves with ML basics to understand the training task in our project, that's why it took longer.

What would I do differently if I started the project over?
I will learn training datasets from Kaggle, Keras, and Open-source tools used in ML for training and predicting data using the open-source pre-trained datasets. Also, get familiar with retrieving real-time predicted ML data to mobile apps.

The original Project must be modified to more realistic goals. This is an open-source project, and interns have no knowledge of ML in the project. Everything related to ML needed to be more specific in terms of tasks and learning resources. So that interns learn and accomplish tasks in a timely manner.

The Modification we planned for our project are

  • Train Open-Source datasets using as simple as possible algorithm. 
  • Develop and Design App prototype on Android IDE.

Thank you so much for your time. See you in the next blog.

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Donatus Mercy

Hi Ruqaiya. I sure enjoyed reading this.

I intend to apply for the May internship batch and I have a honest question. I'm a product design but I got intrigued by codes recently and decided to do a switch. I'm very new to codes. My question is, what skills or programming languages and frameworks would you advise me to learn in order to thrive in the contribution stage to move to the intern stage.

I'm a pretty fast learner and I'm ready to dedicate hours of my time daily to get a grasp of it. So, what languages have more projects that will help me thrive. I was thinking python but what do you think? And what frameworks please?

I don't know if you got my question. I'd really appreciate a response from you Ruqaiya. Thanks very much.

ruqaiya profile image

git, github, python, front-end web development and react/flutter would be good option if anything from them you gain and polish.