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Outreachy Intern with MboaLab [22-23]

This is Ruqaiya from Karachi, Pakistan. The Philocalist, who is optimistic, a book-reader, and enjoys watching the sunset every day (an opacarophile).

I have been selected as an intern for December 2022 to March 2023 Outreachy internship round. I am interning with Mboalab on the project "improve a digital stethoscope android app". MboaLab is an _open and collaborative space _located in Yaoundé, Cameroon. The aim of MboaLab is to catalyze sustainable local development and improve people’s living conditions through open science. My mentor(s) are jafsia elisee and Stephane Fadanka.

Academically, I am a Software Engineer. Professionally, I have experience in working in Developing Android applications, a Mobile App Developer. My Skills are: Dart, Flutter, Java, Kotlin, HTML, CSS, Git, GitHub, Android, Firebase, SQlite and Local DB.

My core values are Learning, Meaningful Work, and Wealth.
I value Learning, I always believed that Humans are capable of learning anything that interests them. I wanted to understand how things work, learn the pattern and improve them by contributing. That's why I value meaningful work, I want to contribute to meaningful work, and that's how I want to serve people by adding value to their life so that I feel deeply happy to contribute to mankind's ease. I want to be part of the universe to make the earth a better place for humans.

I also value wealth. To me, wealth is about having a mindset, finance-set, health-set, soul-set and heart-set. Being financially independent emits ripples of positive vibes from you that reach other people and create a kind connection between humans. I like a saying read somewhere

Money is the currency that must flow like electricity. Hoarding it stops the flow of it into your business and private life. So GIVE more to Receive more.

Lets talk about how I get to know Outreachy?. I saw on social networt some past interns talking about open-source, so it makes me Curious what is it, and how it works, how people with diverse cultures and remote locations manage to connect with each other without judging. And is the work they do within Outreachy meaningful to Contribute? That's how I reach the Outreachy website, read all the data from their website then talked with a few past interns and applied.

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Mawemuko Joanita Nsimbe

Hello Sattar, this is really encouraging. I am an outreachy applicant looking forward to making my contribution to open source.