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Where do I even begin?

What's Playdate?

It's a tiny handheld game system with a bunch of brand new games.

Why make games?

  • To practice prototyping
  • To practice design
  • To practice coding
  • To share
  • To have fun

Why make games for Playdate?

  • The constraints: black-and-white screen, six buttons
  • The opportunity: the nifty crank on the side
  • The accessible tools: Pulp, SDK, budding community

Links for my future self and all of you

Why write this series?

  • I have always wanted to make a game
  • I have a 3 1/2 year old son for/with whom I am excited to make games
  • Until recently, I haven't had the confidence to program one myself
  • Prior to Playdate, I haven't had an accessible platform with which to build, test and publish a game
  • I love to write about my ideas, my progress, my mistakes and my successes
  • I hope someone will find this series one day and feel encouraged to design, code and build games - maybe for Playdate, maybe for another gaming device

Next up, playing with Pulp!

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