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In One Minute : Vue.js

Vue.js is an open-source, progressive JavaScript framework for building user interfaces that aims to be incrementally adoptable.

Instead of performing manual updates to the DOM, which can be repetitive and error prone (think jQuery), Vue embraces the idea of "data-driven views," where changes in data drive changes in the DOM.

This idea forms the core of Vue.js: a reactive data-binding system that is designed to make it extremely simple to keep your data and the DOM in sync.

What makes Vue particularly powerful, however, is that it can be built upon, increasing its functionality from a simple view-model library to that of a fully fledged JavaScript framework capable of powering entire SPA's via supporting plugins and libraries such as Vue Router, Vue Resource, and Vuex.


Vue.js includes:

2.0 also includes:

Vue 3.0 is currently in development, and includes some notable changes and improvements detailed here on


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