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In One Minute : git

Git is free and open source software for distributed version control: tracking changes in any set of files, usually used for coordinating work among programmers collaboratively developing source code during software development.

Its goals include speed, data integrity, and support for distributed, non-linear workflows.

Git development began in April 2005, after many developers of the Linux kernel gave up access to BitKeeper, a proprietary source-control management (SCM) system that they had been using to maintain the project since 2002.

Stack Overflow has included version control in their annual developer survey
in 2015 (16,694 responses),
2017 (30,730 responses),
2018 (74,298 responses)
and 2022 (71,379 responses).

Git was the overwhelming favorite of responding developers in these surveys, reporting as high as 93.9% in 2022.

Official Website :-

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