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Free Burst Testing from Micro Focus

qainsights profile image NaveenKumar Namachivayam ⚡ ・2 min read

I hope you already knew the changes in the Micro Focus performance testing solutions such as LoadRunner Professional, LoadRunner Cloud, and LoadRunner Enterprise. Recently I stumbled upon my old post about How to performance test with 100K virtual users for free?, there I have listed HPE StormRunner Load link.

HPE landing page is dead now, and I did quick Google search to look for any similar deal is available with Micro Focus or not. Luckily, Micro Focus is still offering the virtual users for free but instead of 100K, you will get 15,000 virtual users.

How to get 15000 virtual user credits for free from Micro Focus?

Hit below button to navigate to Micro Focus landing page.

Click here to receive 15000 Virtual Users Credit for free *

In the above page, you need to fill out the form as shown below. It's best to enter your business email id and accept the * terms (as usual) and hit Submit.

Free Burst Testing from Micro Focus
Free Burst Testing from Micro Focus - Form

After submitting the form, you will get below message.

After Submitting the Form
After Submitting the Form

Below is the first email that you will receive after signing up.

After Signup
After Signup

Once you get the 15000 virtual users, you can use that credit in LoadRunner Cloud to run your performance test spanning cloud load generators, simulating different network patterns, and deep-dive into analytics and metrics.

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