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[TIL] Creating a countdown time in OBS for my stream

So I was on Streamyard trying it out, and saw it had a countdown timer. Come to think of it, I also noticed other livestreams with a countdown timer. The one on Streamyard counts down and switches automatically to the host.

I was curious and had a look online on how to create my own timer for my Youtube Streams (currently just for PyLadies Dublin). And I found the following video:

And ticked all my boxes:

  • OBS
  • No need to download plugins
  • Load up a script already part of OBS

And the video was easy to follow the steps and yeah, it worked!

  1. Open OBS
  2. Create a new scene for your streaming countdown
  3. Add your image source as background
  4. Add new text source like β€œStreaming starts in…”
  5. Add another new text source called β€œTimer text” and name it β€œtimer”
  6. Go to menu on toolbar and open Tools > Scripts Alt Text
  7. Click on the β€œ+” and click and add file called β€œcountdown.lua”
  8. Then set your duration time (mins only)
  9. Once you are happy, hit close button
  10. Load up the scene and the countdown starts! πŸ™Œ

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