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Cover image for PyLadies Dublin x Women in AI Ireland in-person event (Sat May 21, 2022)

PyLadies Dublin x Women in AI Ireland in-person event (Sat May 21, 2022)

Note: A belated update from our May PyLadies Dublin x Women in AI Ireland in-person event. The video is too big for me to upload to, so I've embedded below instead.

πŸ’– I want to thank every who attended the event on Sat May 21st, to Women in AI Ireland team and all speakers who presented at the event.

πŸ₯ͺβ˜•οΈ To our sponsor, Inscribe AI, for sponsoring the food and beverages (they were catered by Bakehouse).

🏒 To Dogpatch Labs team for hosting us in The Vaults, and looking after us from start to finish.

πŸŽ₯ To my co-organiser, Mick, who was the on camera recording the talks.

PyLadies Dublin x WAI Ireland WaiPractice Showcase



As a community partner of EuroPython, we have a 10% discount for PyLadies Dublin community, use COMMUNITY-PYLADIESDUBLIN to claim your discount on EuroPython tickets.

Remote tickets are also no available, and if you require financial aid for remote tickets, you can apply via their FinAid page.

PyLadies Lunch @ EuroPython

Anyone attending the in-person conference, PyLadies Lunch will be on Fri Jul 15, a chance to meet other PyLadies organisers and members from near and far. Sign up if you are about via this form.

Django Girls Dublin @ EuroPython
Open to all (no need for EuroPython ticket), free in-person Django Girls Workshop, applications are open till Jul 2:

Next Women in AI Ireland event:

Next PyLadies Dublin Events

Remote Workshop with Jina AI: Image search with DocArray

We also have our remote July meetup lined up also with 3 fantastic speakers which will be live-streamed via our Youtube channel:

So don't forget to like and subscribe to our Youtube channel and help it grow, and we are also on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

And that's all for now, see you at our next PyLadies Dublin on Jun 21 (which is next Tue!), and it will be live-streamed on Youtube, a chance to ask all your questions to our facilitator calling all the way in from Berlin.

Any questions, email us at

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