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PyLadies Dublin x PyLadies Munich Valentine's Event Write-up

[UPDATE: I've been asked by a speaker to remove their name, it was easier for me to remove reference to their slides as well.]

🥰 Thank you all for attending our fabulous Valentine’s event with our amazing collaborators from PyLadies Munich (Laysa Uchoa and her team). Huge thanks to our speakers Iulia Avram, O, Isabella Hoesch and Marija Sorokina.

🙌 A special thanks to Mick for his help with Laysa moderating and helping with list of names for the raffle.

Thanks and Love from PyLadies Dublin and PyLadies Munich

🌈 Thanks to our community partners (alphabetical order)

👏 Congrats to our 5 winners of the “The Manga Guide to Databases”

Laysa met some of the winners in person recently, and books have been posted to our Irish winners:

💁 Slides

We have some slides to share from our guest speakers:

Don’t forget to check out, the are on Slack as well:

🍿 And if you missed our talks in the past couple of years, you can find them on our channel as well. Don't forget to like and subscribe.

📢 Announcements from the event can be found here:

🤔 If you want to give a talk, demo, or a workshop

You can submit it to

Any questions at all, if you want to get involved or support our activities, drop us an email at

👩‍💻 Next month is an International Women’s Day and we are collaborating with PyLadies London.

🌈 What we have in store:

  • Talk: Liliya Akhtyamova giving a talk on “What should I do next? How to unlock your career potential with the help of AI
  • #BreakTheBias Activities with PyLadies London

See you later

So we are excited to see you all next month!


/// Vicky

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