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PyLadies Dublin July Virtual Event: AI: Intro to Explainability by Naomi Freeman

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Our 3rd virtual event and we were excited to have Naomi Freeman talking about "AI: Intro to Explainability" This was streamed live on Youtube (this is our first time).

Thanks to Naomi Freeman for calling all the way from Norway, to all who joined us, and also to Mick for assisting on relaying questions, and other emergencies that happened right before the event went live. It was a fun Tuesday afternoon (not). 😣

But it all went well in the end, lots of lessons learnt. πŸ’ͺ

Now onward with more about the talk details...

Talk Description:

Neural networks are all the rage - input data, output magic results! In between is a black box of magic. In many use cases - from finance to healthcare - this black box is actually a challenge preventing AI adoption. Enter Explainability! Using one extra layer, we can also have our AI explain how it arrived at the decision.
We'll take a look at how to implement this layer of explainability using a Python-based toolbox and a Google Tensorflow AI model.

About Naomi Freeman:

Naomi is a software engineer and entrepreneur. Formerly CTO/co-founder of an AI company. Two-time nominated Woman of Influence for Royal Bank of Canada's Women Entrepreneur award. Currently a 2020/21 Women Who Code Fellow (Data Science & Blockchain).

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