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Content & Tooling Team Status Update


Hello everyone, as we embrace another Friday, I’d like to extend warm greetings to you all. Reflecting on the past week, it’s been a period of relative calm with no major updates or noteworthy events to share from modules. Our efforts were dedicated to our existing tasks, and we remained engaged in advancing those initiatives. May the warm embrace of the sun’s rays continue to infuse your days with positivity and joy, and may your upcoming weekend be a source of relaxation and fulfillment. I extend my best wishes to each of you for a wonderful and enriching time ahead.

ERB to EPP Migration Progress:

It brings me immense satisfaction to acknowledge the persistent effort our team has poured into the task of converting ERB templates to EPP. This pivotal initiative signifies our commitment to enhancing efficiency and standardization across our projects. I’m thrilled to announce that we’ve successfully completion this endeavor.Among the notable achievements, I’d like to spotlight the successful migration of core modules including Chocolatey, Docker, HAProxy, MySQL, Tomcat, iis, MySQLServer, and Apache, Satellite_pe_tools, Ntp. These milestones stand as a testament to our team’s technical prowess and collaborative spirit.

Tooling (DevX)

Finally Autumn and I am unsure if Im ready for it or not, unfortunately Belfast didn’t see a lot of sun this year (well I think so anyway). This week things have been quiet as we are continuing to work on some docs improvements and some internal tooling to help us keep on top of Triaging all our incoming issues and PRs.

‘Tooling’ Team have rebranded to ‘DevX’

The team are delighted to announce that after some back and forth going forward we will be known as the DevX team (which pretty much means Develoer Experience Team). Our team aim is to take ownership of tools that help solve a Puppet Developers use case. For more information on some of the things that fall under our remit, please check out here. We have spent the first quarter working on ramping up and onboarding and have some great plans in place to kick off Q4 (Oct-Dec).

Devops Day London

Gavin P and David were away in London this week attending DevOps Day, I am sure some of you may have bumped into them or may even have had some great conversations, we are really looking forward to catching up with them to find out exactly what they got up to.

Community Contributions

We’d like to thank the following people in the Puppet Community for their contributions over this past week:

New Module / Gem Releases

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